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Zion Ponderosa Content

Commercial Video

So for the most part it’s perfectly plausible to capture enough content in a single shoot day for a full commercial ad, but ads like this will be much more effective with a wider library of content. In general, from an editing standpoint, it is much, MUCH better to have a larger variety of clips to chose from when crafting an edit. 

The best way for me to create that variety for better, more dynamic, well-rounded commercials is to have a continuous shoot schedule where we can capture a wider range of content over time. More shoots = more variety.

This is a decent sample of what my vision for commercial ads for you guys could look like. The more time I can spend working with, rounding out, and understanding the brand, the easier it will be to create stronger, and stronger ads. 

For pricing out commercial video production I would recommend we look at KPIs from an output standpoint. Meaning, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for me to charge for a shoot day, just to go out and capture footage. What matters is the actual content that gets output. So if we were to agree on creating 1 new video commercial a quarter, or 1 per month, or 1 per week (it doesn’t matter the frequency), then we would track the actual output and that’s what you’re really paying for.

My time for shoot days gets wrapped up into the deliverables as a whole, same for editing, which makes invoicing on my end easier and it will be a lot easier for accountability purposes because then you’re not being invoiced for itemized hours that don’t generate an actual finished product when billed as a whole per completed piece.

Social Videos

Social videos are not exactly difficult to add into the workflow for standard video production. My process is to generally shoot wider than necessary, in order to capture as much as I can in a vertical space within the original horizontal 4K framing. This allows me to capture a single shot for commercial purposes with the added ability to then create a stabilized, cropped, color-graded vertical version to use specifically for social uses. 

Pricing for the social videos is much more dynamic than standard video content. For the most part, If I’m hired to shoot nothing but the social content, the price is generally higher than average simply because it becomes a standalone job instead of an additional product added to the workflow of a larger-picture commercial project. I would love to explore your social needs, compared to your commercial needs, to find ways to get twice the usage out of the content instead of having singular uses per piece.

As you can see from these samples, each of the vertical video clips below are pulled from the commercial video above. Each clip has been expanded to a full 5 seconds in length, cropped (via pan-and-scan), stabilized, and color-graded. In essence, high-quality, ready-to-go clips designed for social output.

Still Photography

So you’re well familiar with my still photography work, the reason I’m including these shots into this particular breakdown is to give you an idea of what can actually be captured in a single day. Granted, the day we did Powell’s Way we were out there for a good 8-10 hours or so, packing a lot of gear, and spending a large chunk of time capturing a wide variety of scenes at each step along the way. It’s a very, very involved production process, but my point is that it’s totally doable when strategized correctly and can result in a large deck of raw files that can keep me quite busy for a good while.

Production Workflow Strategy

I know that the main goal for hiring anyone like me is to help create a strong, visually-stimulating, branded presence. Once the standard of quality has been established then the next priority becomes volume. More content means more ways to market, more ways to reach your audience, and a broader display of high-quality visuals that help stand out against the competition (both direct and indirect).

The opportunity I see is this; you already bring me out regularly to help produce quality content for a wide range of purposes. I think there’s a way to restructure the budgeting to allow me to create more content, on a regular basis, for an overall reduced price per piece. In turn, I benefit from having regular work that helps provide me with an income and the means to continue growing as a content creator and brand strategist.

I will happily be transparent with my numbers, I have zero motivation to be anything other than straightforward with what I do for work and how I go about placing a dollar value to the work that I perform. I think we can start with some base numbers, using the numbers that we’ve agreed upon and have been using the past several years with the work I do for you.

I’ll also happily share with you what I’ve charged other local companies for similar (and maybe dissimilar) production work to help create a well-rounded perspective of the work involved, the time I put into each project, and what the value contributed to my clients’ business is expected to be.

From there I suggest we create a list of company needs between East Zion Adventures, and Zion Ponderosa that covers commercial video usage, social media needs, still photography needs, and any wildcard needs that would be within the realm of branding, marketing, and maintaining visual presences. I think creating a base-layer budget for my involvement would be a good place to start.

Regardless what number we actually come up with for that budget, we can assign a base price to each deliverable content “kit.” A content kit could be a deck of 10 photos, or 10 social media videos, or 1 commercial video, or any other mix/match variation. But from that budget, if you find that your needs have to flex, then we simply swap out one “kit” for the other, based on the needs for that month.